Samya Hashish

”To be yourself in a world that's constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.“
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Physiognomic Consulting

Physiognomy is the art of judging human character and personality from facial features, expressions, and body language in order to draw conclusions about their constitutional and emotional make-up.

Since ancient times, the techniques of this empirical science have been the study of philosophers and doctors from Aristotle to Hippocrates and over the millennium further researched and studied by major scholars.  In the 19th century, Carl Huter consolidated all this knowledge into a system. Today, certain techniques are applied not only as an alternative holistic diagnostic tool , but in the area of personality and potential analysis for individuals and businesspeople.

As a certified Physiognomic Consultant in the “Knowledge of Human Nature” I offer services in the following areas:  

You will be amazed to find out what our faces reveal.

What physiognomy can and cannot do? 

Knowledge of physiognomy enables people to assess others up and in turn, bolster their own personality assessment which allows them to see their fellowmen more holistically. 

Knowledge on how to read human nature fortifies the subconscious impressions we get, for example, why a person may be likable or not - consciously sorting and decoding it. It helps with interpreting impressions but should not be used in value judging. The knowledge to read faces should never be abused.  Knowledge is power and this applies to knowledge of the face as well. Never simply look at a person just to view them with disdain.

Truth can only be seen when looked at on an equal level.

A central part of my work is concerned with grasping the principles of human nature and the qualities that make us human to create a deeper appreciation for each other.  I am  convinced, this will in the long run, lead to more tolerance, honesty, integration, and appreciation.

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