”Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained.“
Marie Curie


What is coaching?

Life never follows a straight line. This I can confirm from personal experience. Fortunate are those who can recognize the opportunities that lie within ongoing or sudden changes and are able to implement them. 

For others, coaching offers the goal and solution oriented supervision and support needed for a short time. Special emphasis is placed on:

  • Reinvigorating your personality and self-confidence  
  • Recognising hidden potential 
  • Realizing possible alternatives for action 

By giving you a more conscious awareness when dealing with actions, thoughts, and emotions, coaching enables you to free yourself of limiting behavior and thought patterns. 

This opens up new perspectives and room for manoeuvre which, up to now, you may have been oblivious to, and allows for a positive change and shift to happen.

Respect, empathy, and appreciation are the basis for successful coaching. As your coach I am both a capable listener and a sparring partner and perhaps a muse. My questions focus, above all, on introspection. I offer my views and feedback from an independent perspective. In the end the answers to your questions come from yourself. 

I adhere to the „holistic“ coaching approach and consider your professional and private life as a whole, impartial to the issue at hand. Body, spirit and soul are seen as an entity and only when these three components are in harmony can there be personal well-being and long-lasting success. 

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For whom is coaching intended?

Coaching is just as interesting and rewarding for individuals as it is for companies and their employees or for independent contractors and entrepreneurs.

The moment you decide:  

  • You want to change a situation 
  • You need to seek an alternative course of action
  • You want to better frame your goals and visions 
  • You want to straighten out issues important to you
  • You want to resolve a conflict involving external circumstances or individuals

This is when coaching is right for you.

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Themes and reasons for holistic coaching

Reasons to seek coaching can be many. Here are a few themes that coaching may help you wi

For Individuals

  • Dealing with heavy personal loads, crises and stress
  • Job change – consider important points for your career 
  • Conflict management 
  • Decision making  
  • Recognizing recurring patterns in your life  
  • Identifying and letting go of old dogma, beliefs and obstructive thinking 
  • Accessing your inner voice - developing your intuition 
  • Desire to be authentic and meaningful
  • Desire to trust yourself and acess your centre
  • Support in change processes
  • Get to know your hidden potential in your personality and find new meaning  
  • Seek new objectives and vision
  • Optimise performance and quality of life
  • Improve your Work-Life balance
  • Suggestions for further developing your personality

For Entrepreneurs and Employees

No matter whether you are a team member or a team-leader, being multi-skilled plays an ever more important role these days. Good social skills, clearly defined goals, and a strong personality are required. 

  • Change processes for the firm or individual teams
  • Leadership support for specific areas, conflict management, time and self management, crisis management 
  • Stress management
  • Looking for a trusting sparring-partner with backbone and emotional intelligence
  • Desire to refine so called people skills and soft skills
  • Improve both your self-image and personal perception
  • Developing goals and monitoring processes
  • Dealing with fears and obstructive convictions
  • Recognising recurring patterns

It is my job to help develop a consciousness that will stimulate working with each other and for each other responsibly.  Reap more value when appreciation is sowed.

Have I piqued your interest? You can contact me directly here. Take the step to set up an introductory meeting at no cost or obligation. 

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