Samya Hashish

”The secret to success is to do the common things uncommonly well.“
John D. Rockefeller


I will be there for you

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I have summarized the services I offer in a small brochure. Feel free to download the PDF here.
  • if you need assistance and support with your project 
  • if you are in a strenuous situation and need help with your employees 
  • if you are facing an imminent job change or significant transformations in your career 
  • if you wish to institute positive changes and adjustments to both your work and personal life 

Due to many years of professional experience in banking and financial services, I have gained a keen expertise and comprehension of the complexities of the industry as a whole. 

As a consultant, I carefully examine your project on an individual basis with an objective and creative eye. The difference between success and failure often depends on the willingness to go the extra mile. This I always bear in my mind when bringing your project to fruition. 

What is of greatest interest to me are the people behind a project. They often find themselves in situations where they are required to perform under extreme pressure, especially in change processes, and consequently, can suffer adversely from the stresses and strain inherently a part of these actions. I know this first hand. Hence, my approach to dealing with this is done holistically, in other words, placing emphasis both on the total person and the endgame, not just a series of events. Naturally, in addition to my consultation, I offer individual coaching if requested. 

I not only work with companies but more and more with individuals who are taking the initiative and seeking holistic coaching to enhance their personal development – be it in their working or private life. I can help you see your strengths and realize your potentials yet untapped. And to gain further insight into your potential, I apply the arts of physiognomy through individual facial features readings which are then prepared for you in a distinctive personality analysis. Nothing brings me more joy than to see someone reaching their pinnacle. 

 Here is the range of services I offer: 

Do you wish to get more details? Please feel free to contact me and we can discuss the best approach for you.

I look forward to accompanying you on your path to greater understanding and awareness – be it as an individual, a manager or an entrepreneur.

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